How Can Using Bitcoin Protect Your Privacy?

When making transactions with Bitcoin the merchant does not need to collect personal information over and above what is needed to complete sale. The additional information is collected using traditional payment methods because of fraud and chargebacks.

With Bitcoin the payments are non-refundable so the additional information is not needed. With Bitcoin there are no […]

Is IP Address Associated with Transaction Data?

Bitcoin uses peer-2-peer connections to share the transaction database called the “Blockchain.” When users connect via P2P the other nodes they are connected to have a record of the IP addresses they are connected to.

If you use a web wallet or software that connects to a web wallet then your IP address is not […]

Is Bitcoin Anyonymous?

All Bitcoin transactions are public. In order to avoid using a central authority like a bank the Bitcoin Blockchain is shared among all users. The Blockchain is a database that contains all the account information and transactions. Bitcoin would not work if this was not shared.

However, the “account numbers” (Bitcoin addresses) are simply long […]