How Do I Verify I Downloaded the Correct Bitcoin Software?

The Bitcoin software also includes cryptographic keys to verify.  To do this on Windows (This is an example for version 0.8.1.  Change the version number if needed):

-Download the Bitcoin software

Download sha256sum.exe

-Open up a Command prompt.  Type in the full path to sha256sum.exe and the file you downloaded.  For example:

C:\Users\MyUserName\Downloads\sha256sum.exe C:\Users\MyUserName\Downloads\bitcoin-0.8.1-win32-setup.exe

-The output will look like:

\2d447daad6cba12a4dd29de4ffbbd00c5634f45818d39cc12ce27ad964c905a6 *C:\\Users\\ma

-Compare the “hash” (in this case “2d447daad6cba12a4dd29de4ffbbd00c5634f45818d39cc12ce27ad964c905a6”) to the expected value at by checking the file “SHA256SUMS.asc”

Note that each version will have a different set of files.  This example is for 0.8.1.  The latest version is at




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